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Comparison and Measuring

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Comparing Weight

Take measurement learning to the next level with this comparing weight worksheet featuring common objects, and practice reading numbers.

Compare Numbers: Large and Small

Kindergarteners compare each pair of fruit and color the one with the larger number.

Color & Compare: Ordering Weight

Take measurement learning to the next level with this color and compare worksheet where your child will compare and order objects based on relative weight.

More, Less, or Equal: Practice Comparing Numbers

Looking for a math challenge for your kindergartener? This counting worksheet is a great way to introduce her to basic inequalities and number comparison.

Measuring Inches: Inching Insects

Get some measurement practice by inching along with some familiar sights.

Color & Compare Weights of Objects

Beginning measurement starts with relative sizes and weights; this worksheet asks your child decide which object is heavier and adds coloring into the mix!

Less or More?

Help your child improve his counting skills with this printable worksheet, which is all about comparing quantities.

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