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Cause and Effect Card Game Activity

This cause and effect activity brings the fun of card games and comprehension practice together in an innovative way!

Construct a Frank Lloyd Wright Bookmark

Take a cue from famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright and construct a unique bookmark in his signature style.

Make Your Own Treasure Map

Turn your child's learning about ancient civilizations into a swashbuckling adventure by having her make an ancient treasure map!

Write Mythological Mad Libs

Help your child put a new spin on her favorite myth by turning it into a mad lib! Guaranteed to bring the giggles, this fun activity also packs in the learning.

"Self Portrait" Art Project

Your growing child will reflect on her identity and express herself with this fun and artistic photo project.

Clean Water Using the Sun!

Can you think of a way of cleaning dirty water using the sun? In this activity, you will be making a "solar still" that is able to do just that!

Make Your Own Paper

Kids can easily make their own paper using old newspapers, along with a few kitchen and hardware-store materials.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Here's a way to make history both interesting and relevant: design a garden using plants that were used by people in colonial times!

Create a Stained Glass Rose Window

One of the most beautiful parts of every cathedral is the stained glass window above the entrance, called a Rose window. Your child can create his own!

The Rosetta Stone

This worksheet teaches about the history of the Rosetta Stone and the impact that it had on understanding ancient Egyptian culture.

Ramses II

Make way for Ramses the Great! One of the most successful pharaohs in Ancient Egyptian history, Ramses II ruled during Egypt's 19th dynasty.

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