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Map of Canada

Did you know our neighbor to the north is the second largest country in the world? Locate and learn about the major cities of Canada with this map challenge.

Map of South America

Is your mapping maniac ready to learn some world geography? This map challenge will test your child's knowledge of different cities in South America.

Map of India

Is your child a master of geography? Give him a fun challenge with this map of India, where he'll fill in the major cities as he learns a bit about them!

Map of Russia

Get to know our world's largest geographical country with a map of Russia! Learn a fun fact about Russia's major cities as you go.

Map of Africa

For growing geographers who are learning the continents, here's a fun challenge! Fill out this map of Africa, and learn a bit about each town as you go.

Map of the United Kingdom

Get to know some other parts of the world with a mapping activity. Your child will learn and locate popular cities in the United Kingdom.

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