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Gwenroberts's Summer Reading List - 2013

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Beastologist: Flight of the Phoenix

Nathaniel Fludd's parents are lost at sea, and he is sent to a distant cousin. Before he knows it, Nathaniel is in Arabia, entrenched in an effort to ensure the world's last remaining phoenix delivers her egg safely. Can he protect this mythical creature from extinction? This first book in an exciting series is a great way to get your child hooked on chapter books.

Lunch Lady

The unlikely heroine of this hilarious series of graphic novels flips burgers by day, but fights crime by night! Filled with fun, comic-style illustrations, and especially well-suited for reluctant readers, these books are presented in no particular order, so kids can start with whichever title strikes their fancy.

The Man Who Walked Between The Towers

In 1974, French aerialist Philippe Petit threw a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center and spent an hour walking, dancing, and performing high-wire tricks a quarter mile in the sky. This picture book captures the poetry and magic of the event with a poetry of its own: lyrical words and lovely paintings that present the detail, daring, and--in two dramatic foldout spreads—the vertiginous drama of Petit's feat.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Come in . . . for where the sidewalk ends, Shel Silverstein's world begins. You'll meet a boy who turns into a TV set, and a girl who eats a whale. The Unicorn and the Bloath live there, and so does Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout who will not take the garbage out. It is a place where you wash your shadow and plant diamond gardens, a place where shoes fly, sisters are auctioned off, and crocodiles go to the dentist.

The Royal Princess Academy

Emma is not your typical princess. When she hears the news that dragons in the kingdom are becoming ill, does Emma quietly wait around for her fairy godmother to save the day? Of course not! She makes a plan to solve the dragon mystery herself. With a helping hand from her best friend, Rapunzel, and a surprising new pal, Emma might actually manage to save her favorite mythic creatures...and possibly even the whole kingdom.

Forget-Me-Nots: Poems to Learn by Heart

In this wonderful anthology of poems from classic and contemporary authors, former children’s poet laureate Mary Ann Hoberman presents poems that are accessible and downright fun to read aloud.


Hippos navigate by it, sloths keep in touch through it, dung beetles eat it . . . and most grownups would rather not mention it. Meanwhile, scientists who study animal feces find out all sorts of things, such as how many insects a bat eats or just what technique a T. rex used to devour a triceratops 70 million years ago. However you look at it, poop is the prototype for recycling and probably the most useful stuff on earth.

Judy Moody series

Judy Moody doesn't have high hopes for third grade. Her new desk won't have an armadillo sticker with her name on it. Her new classroom will not have a porcupine named Roger. And with her luck, she'll get stuck sitting in the first row, where Mr. Todd will notice every time she tries to pass a note to her best friend, Rocky. An aspiring doctor, Judy does have a little brother who comes in handy for practicing medicine, a cool new pet, and a huge Band-Aid collection.

Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye

This mini comic book rings in at just 48 pages, making it digestible enough for kids still struggling with longer chapter books, and accessible enough for reluctant readers. While this might not exactly be high brow fair, silly jokes, ridiculous misunderstandings, and a cast of fun characters - from a school of confused fish to a set of very high maintenece rabbits, keep things hopping... and kids reading!


In this zany caper where the bus gets stuck in a ditch every single day and the kids have names like Abby Birthday, student Ron Faster finds life at school anything but normal. Underneath all the extreme silliness is a book full of word play. A fun romp for even the most reluctant reader.

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