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Train Worksheets K & 1st

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All About Transportation: Air, Water, or Land?

There are so many ways to get around these days, whether by air, water, or land. Can your child give each vehicle the correct classification?

Long Vowels: Long A in Train

Introduce your first grader to ai words with this long vowels worksheet.

Fun with Rhymes: Match and Color

Does train rhyme with plane or goat? Let your child decide as he completes this simple matching worksheet.

Find the Letters: "T"

"T" is for train, or trolley or track! Your little one will be terrific at identifying the letter "T" after she completes this coloring page.

Fill in the Missing Train Numbers

Does your child need practice with his math skills? This worksheet will give your child practice counting with numbers in the sixties.

Draw a Train

Draw a train for Casey Jones, one of the most famous American folk heroes.

Count the Trains

All aboard! Before we leave, it's time to get a head count. Count up the train cars in each group and write the final number on the lines.

Trace the Train

Gain practice drawing your shapes by tracing the rectangles that form the train cars to complete the picture.

Vowel Train

Grab your pencil and hitch a ride on the vowel train! Can your child find all the vowels and get them on the train in time?

Word Search: Railroad

All aboard! Hidden in this word search are words associated with the railroad. Challenge your child to see how many of them he can find.

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