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Asian Culture

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Multicultural Paper Dolls

Learn more about other cultures with this paper doll! Color in this world doll and help dress her up with her multicultural wardrobe from Asia.

Chinese Dragon Coloring Page

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power and good luck. If you color in this Chinese dragon coloring page, maybe you'll find a little good fortune!

Power Symbol

Enjoy this Chinese dragon coloring page by adding a splash of bright color to this mythical creature!

Korean Traditional Clothing

Widen your knowledge of word culture with this fun page on traditional Korean clothing.

Japanese Baku Coloring Page

This coloring page featuring the mythical creature of Japanese culture, the Baku, shows him waiting anxiously to eat up your bad dreams!

Kappa Myth Coloring Page

One thing every culture has in common is a set of folk tales and myths. Check out a little bit of kappa myth with this coloring page.

Color the Fenghuang

This fenghuang coloring page depicts the mythological bird-like creature from East Asian folklore. Use this fenghuang coloring page in a lesson about mythology.

Color a Xiezhi

This xiezhi coloring page is a great tool for kids learning about figures from folk tales from around the world. Try this xiezhi coloring page with your child.

Color the Tengu

This tengu coloring page will teach your child about the legendary Japanese creature. Use this tengu coloring page to talk to your kid about Japanese folklore.

Color the Kirin

This kirin coloring page teaches your child about the mythological creature from East Asian folklore. Try our kirin coloring page with your child.

Color the Kitsune

This kitsune coloring page shows your kid the legendary fox-like creature from Japanese folklore. Use our kitsune coloring page when learning about folk tales.

Kitsune Coloring Page

This Kitsune coloring page features the mythical fox-like creature, present in Japanese folklore.

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