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Fortune Cookie Recipe

Your child can personalize these customizable cookies for friends and family as he makes his own fortune cookies from this fortune cookie recipe.

Japanese Rice Cake Soup

In Japan, ozoni is one of the main dishes eaten on New Year's Day. Here's how to make this delicious traditional dish with your child.

Korean Salad

This is a healthy dish that'll bring color to any meal but simple enough that kids of all ages can take the lead in making this delicious Korean dish.

Pan de Muerto Recipe

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos by baking pan de muerto. In this 5th-6th grade activity, your child will explore another culture while learning about baking.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Introduce your fourth grader to the deliciousness that can come out of the kitchen by helping him make these sugary traditional Mexican cookies, or biscochitos.

How to Make Rice Balls

Chinese New Year is right around the corner, so why not help your child make festive and tasty rice balls to celebrate?

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