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Secret Fortune

Inspire your fifth grader to explore a new culture and determine her New Year's fortune by playing this German wax dripping game.

Sew a Colorful Amish Potholder

Enhance fourth-grade measurement making skills and social studies learning with this stitching project.

Make a Garland of Flags!

Make a garland of paper flags representing your child's favorite countries.

Valentine's Day Around the World

Discover some cross-cultural connections by investigating how Valentine's Day is celebrated in other regions of the world.

Draw Your Own Cartouche: Personalized Hieroglyphics

Bring history to life by helping your child create her own cartouche like the Egyptians did thousands of years ago.

Arabic Alphabet: Ḍād

Learn the Arabic letter Ḍād with your child! Learning Arabic for kids is simple with this fun and attractively illustrated language worksheet.

Animal Sounds in Other Languages: Onomatopoeia Word Search

Search this puzzle for onomatopoeias of animal sounds in other languages! How do they compare to the onomatopoeias you know?

Phrases in Different Languages

Did you know that there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages? Take a closer look at some commonalities (and differences) in written language!

German Paper Doll

Kids color and cut out a native costume for a paper doll, then guess what country the doll is from. Hint: The capital city is Berlin.

Paper Dolls Around the World: Laos

Want to teach your child a little about world cultures while keeping it fun? Try a paper doll! Using the clues, can she guess which country this doll is from?

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