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Poetry Writing Prompts

Even the best poets need a bit of prompting. Help out the poet in your life with a collection of unique and inspiring writing prompts.
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Write a List Poem

If you can make a list, you can write a poem! Get your child to practice writing and express herself with a list poem.

“Fifth Grade”
Write a City Poem

Help your child harness her feelings about a favorite city, by using her city knowledge to produce a poetic composition.

“Middle School”
Poetry in Music

Here's a fun way to learn about rhyme in songs and poetry, and to get your middle schooler writing some poetry of his own!

“Middle School”
Create a Found Poem

Found poetry is a great exercise for kids to practice seeing the beauty and humor in ordinary, everyday language.

“Middle School”
Make Mix-and-Match Poetry Dice

Confused about clauses? Get the concept to stick by helping your middle schooler make mix-and-match poetry dice filled with independent and dependent clauses.

“Middle School”
13 Ways of Looking at a Poem

Use Wallace Steven's "13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" to inspire your middle school teen to sketch and free-write a poem with shifting perspective.

“Middle School”
Write an Epic Poem

This activity helps your teen write his very own adventurous epic poem, featuring an imagined hero.

“Middle School”
Write Book Blended Poetry

Get your reluctant teen excited about writing: by alternating "found" phrases from a favorite book with his own writing, he'll create a unique, profound poem.

“Middle School”
Found Poetry

Encourage your reluctant writer to build creativity with a found poem, which is written by rearranging bits and pieces of other people√Ęs writing.

“Middle School”
Valentine Sonnet

Love is in the air, and there's no time like Valentine's Day for your high schooler to learn about the most romantic poetic form: the sonnet!

“High School”
Collaborative Poetry

In this activity, create a poem that emerges from the collaboration of parent and teen in the activity of observing, discussing, reading, and writing.

“High School”

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