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Summer Olympics for Kids

Get ready for the Summer Olympics right in your own backyard with activities that celebrate both the history and friendly competition of the games.
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Celebrate the Olympics

These Olympic-themed treats are so quick and easy that even little hands can be a big help!

Laurel Wreath Crown

In this arts and crafts activity, give your preschooler a sense of victory by letting her practice early math and helping her create a laurel wreath crown.

Balloon Olympics

The next time your kids are pent up inside because of bad weather, try hosting a Balloon Olympics!

Make an Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch must burn brightly as a symbol of the enduring tradition of the Olympics. Here's how to make your own!

“First Grade”
Verbs Relay Race!

Help your first grade reader understand verbs by doing them in this boisterous playground relay race.

“First Grade”
Olympic Games for Kids

Gather the neighborhood children together and host an Olympic Games for Kids, right in your own backyard!

“First grade”
Olympic Wreath

Let your second grader pay homage to an ancient Olympic tradition with this modern day Olympic wreath!

“Second Grade”
Make Your Own Olympic Rings

Show your third grader how to craft his own version of the symbolic Olympic rings using some easy-to-find art supplies!

“Third Grade”
Make Olympic Ring Bracelets

Celebrate the Olympic Games this year with this fun and easy 3rd grade arts and crafts activity: make Olympic ring bracelets using just tape and colored string.

“Third Grade”
Egg Olympics

If standard relay races and typical scavenger hunts have lost their charm, host the Egg Olympics instead! Get the whole family involved in the competition.

“Third Grade”
Olympics at Home

Your family will have a blast getting into the sporty spirit with these Olympics-themed contests. Here's how to get started:

“Third Grade”
Olympic Pins

Start a unique tradition with your fourth grader; bake and paint one-of-a-kind Olympic pins--out of salt dough!

“Fourth Grade”
Conkers: A British Kids' Game

Horse chestnuts are inedible, but British children found a fun use for them around the 1840s by turning them into a game called Conkers.

“Fourth Grade”
Olympic Chart

How can your child learn about nations during the Olympics? By adopting 5 teams as his own! Here's how.

“Fifth Grade”
If I Were an Olympic Athlete...

Why not have your fifth grader put herself in her favorite athlete's shoes? She'll love learning about an athlete that she admires.

“Fifth Grade”

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