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Halloween Story Starters #2

Celebrate the spirit of Halloween, and share a spooky story! With this creative writing exercise, your child will describe his costume and what inspired it.

The Boogeyman

Did you know that kids all over the globe know of the boogeyman? This cautionary tale is told in almost every country!

Scary Story Cards: Items

All scary or adventurous stories have a special item that drives the plot Use these story item cards to help you tell a spooky tale.

Halloween Story Starters #3

Check out this fun writing exercise with a spooky Halloween theme. Your student will use her imagination to write a story about a magical witch's brew.

Scary Story Cards

On a dark and story night... Spookify your storytelling time with some scary story cards!

Halloween Story Starters

This Halloween story starter will help your child polish grammar, handwriting and spelling skills. Get into the spooky spirit with a Halloween story starter!

Halloween Writing Prompts

Polish your writing skills with this spooky Halloween writing exercise! Your child will use his imagination to build a scary story from this prompt.

Scary Story Cards: Characters

Cast a spell with your creative writing! Use these scary story character cards to conjure a terrifying tale, just in time for Halloween.

Food Superstitions

Ever crack a wishbone in half? Or perhaps you feel it's bad luck to spill the salt. Have some fun with food voodoo!

Halloween Story Starters #4

Give your child a fun way to polish his writing skills with a Halloween story starter. Hell get to make up his own scary story and get a creativity boost.

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