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Pizza Fraction 1st Grade
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Fraction Coloring

Learning fractions doesn't have to be boring! Make it fun with this coloring worksheet.

Color the Fraction

Kids practice coloring shapes according to the fractions given to help them see how fractions are part of a whole.

Visual Fractions: Pizzeria #5

Get your child ready to learn fractions with a fun visual activity! He'll have to determine what fraction of pizza, salad and drink to provide the customer.

Visual Fractions: Pizzeria #4

A great way to help your child learn his fractions is with a visual aide. At Paulie's Pizzeria, students must determine what fraction of the food is served!

Visual Fractions: Pizzeria #3

With this fun visual fractions worksheet, your child can use the pictures to help him understand the concept of fractions.

Visual Fractions: Pizzeria #2

This visual fractions worksheet is perfect for beginners. Your child can use the pictures to visualize a few of the basic fractions (1/2, 1/3 and 1/4).

Visual Fractions

In this visual fractions activity, your child will need to follow Paulie's instructions of how much pizza, salad and drink to serve the customer.

Pizza Fractions 5

If your child needs to work up his appetite for math, try these pizza fractions!

Pizza Fractions 4

These pizza fractions look a little like pie graphs, but they're perfect for helping your child visualize his fractions.

Pizza Fractions 3

These pizza fractions are a great way to help your beginning math student visualize his fractions!

Pizza Fractions 2

Work up an appetite for fractions with this fun math worksheet! Your child will determine what fractions each pizza shows.

Pizza Fractions

There are four fractions of pizzas, cut in halves, thirds or fourths. Can your child determine what fractions they represent?

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