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Review Two-Digit Addition

Help your kid practice her addition skills with these two-digit addition problems, then work up to the three-digit plus two-digit problems!

Addition Practice: Triple Digits

Bolster your third grader's addition skills with at-home practice in three-digit addition.

Quick Addition: Adding Four Numbers

Not only does this worksheet bolster kids' addition skills, it's a great mental math exercise, too.

Addition & Subtraction: Runaway Signs

Kids complete each equation on this third grade math worksheet by determining whether an equation is addition or subtraction and writing in the correct sign.

Addition Regrouping

Searching for a worksheet that practices addition regrouping? This printable is perfect for practicing addition skills like carrying the tens column.

Review Addition: Adding Ones and Tens

Go over adding two-digit numbers to one-digit numbers with this helpful worksheet.

Coral Reef: Three-Digit Addition with Regrouping

Kids solve addition problems with three-digit addends using regrouping on this third grade math worksheet.

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