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Color a Daffodil

Celebrate the coming of spring and with a daffodil coloring page, complete with a diagram so your little blossom can learn the parts of a flower as she colors!

Spring Crossword Insects

With spring on the rise, all kinds of animals are returning from their winter sleep, including insects! Use the clues to fill in this insect crossword.

Spring Rain Crossword

April showers bring May flowers! Use the clues to fill in the blank boxes in this rain-themed spring crossword puzzle.

Tulip Diagram Coloring Page

Spring is on the way, which means soon there will be flowers in bloom everywhere celebrating a new season of sunshine and warmth.

Spring Word Search

This spring word search isn't just a fun puzzler for drizzly afternoons, it'll also help your kid hone all-important spelling and vocabulary skills.

Spring Flowers Crossword

Blooming flowers are sure to follow the rainy weather this spring! Challenge your little one's spelling and vocabulary with this crossword puzzle.

Spring Crossword Puzzle

Celebrate the coming of spring with this delightful crossword, a great way to increase your little one's vocabulary and spelling skills!

Spring Crossword

Spring is in the air, and so are the twitters and chatter of nesting birds. This crossword is a great way to help your little one practice reading and writing.

Duckling Coloring Page

Looks like this baby duckling just woke up from a nice nap! Color in these fuzzy friends as spring comes roaring in.

Fawn Coloring Page

Spring is the season of rebirth! Get together with your little fawn to color this adorable scene, just in time for April showers and warmer weather.

Water Hyacinth Coloring Page

Explore this diagram of the water hyacinth with your little one. She'll be learning the parts of a flower as she colors in this delighful picture.

Calla Lily Flowers

Spring is on the way with flowers trumpeting the return of sunshine. Explore this diagram of the calla lily and color it in too!

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