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Bean Project

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Tricked: How Does the Absence of Light Affect Bean Seedlings?

Can bean plants grow in darkness? In this science project, you will observe 2 pinto bean plants (1 in darkness and 1 in light) and observe the differences.

Inside and Out: What's On the Outside of a Pinto Bean?

In this free science fair project, experiment and explore the structure of pinto beans' seed coat and their unique colors and patterns.

Parts of a Bean Seed

Check out this fun and easy science fair project idea on germination of a seed and learn to identify exterior and interior parts of a bean seed.

Jelly Bean Math

This flexible activity for preschoolers features jellybeans, counting, coloring, and the five senses.

Do Long Pods Contain More Green Beans?

The purpose of this science fair project is to explore which kinds of pods have more green beans.

Make a Beanbag Toss Game!

Build this beanbag toss! Aiming beanbags at holes and tossing them in, gives preschoolers practice with gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Up or Down?: Does Gravity Affect Plant Growth of Pinto Beans?

In this science fair project, you will learn how gravity affects plant growth. Use to find free science fair project ideas!

Play the Blue Bean Counting Game

Take math off the page and into the real world. This simple game gives kindergarten kids hands-on practice with basic addition.

Sombrero Art

Using dried beans and corn, foods that are prevalent in Mexican cuisine, your child will create three-dimensional sombrero art.

Layered Beans Vase

Spice up your everyday vase with this fun craft adding colorful layers of beans to a regular vase. The beans add beauty and function, helping prop up flowers.

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