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Peanut Butter Coloring Page

Who doesn't love the sticky texture and nutty taste of peanut butter? Watch your little artist exercise his imagination with this peanut butter coloring page.

Koi Fish Coloring Page

Dive into this delightful koi fish page and watch your little one's inner aquarist pop out! Color in these two Japanese koi fish with your child.

Freshwater Fish

40% of all known fish species call ponds, lakes, rivers, and other fresh water habitats home. Learn about freshwater fish in this worksheet.

Cupcake Valentines

Send some sweet greetings this Valentine's Day with cards you can print and color yourself! Have your little ones help you color and decorate them.

Roller Skate Coloring Page

Let's spend a day at the roller rink! Your little skater will have a blast adding some bright colors to these old-school roller skates.

Giant Squid Fun Fact

Get caught up on your giant squid facts while you give this mysterious mollusk some bright colors.

Salamander Coloring Page

Did you know there are over 500 species of salamander? Color the salamander in its natural home, and read another fun fact about its species!

Kumquat Coloring Page

Learn about the kumquat with a fun coloring page. Read some more fun facts about the kumquat as you color this picture with your child.

Carambola Coloring Page

Learn about some foreign fruits with a fun coloring page! Your little one can learn all about the carambola, or starfruit, as she colors.

Purple Mangosteen Coloring Page

Have you ever heard of a purple mangosteen? Get together with your child to color this exotic fruit and learn more about its origins.

Kiwano Coloring Page

Imagine a fruit that tastes like banana, lemon, and cucumber all together... that's the kiwano fruit! Learn some fun facts as you color the kiwano.

Jaboticaba Berries Coloring Page

Did you know that some berries can grow directly on the trunk of a tree? Learn a few fun facts about the jaboticaba berry as you color this picture.

Color High-Flying Kites

Soar through the air with a kite coloring page. Add big, bright colors to these high-flying kites as they skiff and twirl in the air in our kite coloring page.

Celtic Knot Coloring Page

Hounds represent loyalty, and salmon represent knowledge in Celtic knot work. Color in this lovely illustration just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets

Little puppeteers will love re-enacting the classic story of these three silly pigs, using finger puppets they can color and create themselves!

Baby Fox Coloring Page

Spring is here in a wave of showers, flowers and baby animals. Color this delightful, young fox as he hides in tall grasses and branches.

Spring Bunny Coloring Page

Little animal lovers everywhere can celebrate the return of spring by coloring this fuzzy bunny in his basket.

Baby Raccoon Coloring Page

Breathe in those fresh flowers, for spring is in the air! Get together with your little cub and color in this mischievous baby raccoon.

Accordion Coloring Page

The accordion is an instrument that is well loved all around the world! Color this fun instrument and learn a few fun facts about it too.

Banjo Facts

Did you know banjos were inspired by gourd instruments in Africa? This stringed instrument is a part of American history, but has roots in other cultures too.

Ukulele Coloring Page

Learn all about The ukulele, a small, four-stringed instrument from Hawaii.

History of the Recorder

Sit down with your child and learn about the history of the recorder, then color in the picture.

Trumpet Coloring Page

Did you know trumpets are one of the earliest instruments? Help your little musician color in the brass trumpet and learn a few more fun facts about it.

Rocky Mountain Animals Finger Puppets

Meet the residents of the Rocky Mountains with this set of finger puppets that features a cast of Rocky Mountain animals.

Spring Word Search

This spring word search isn't just a fun puzzler for drizzly afternoons, it'll also help your kid hone all-important spelling and vocabulary skills.

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