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Measure the Animal!

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Measure Length: Elephant!

Practice basic measurement skills with this mini elephant! This fun activity will get your child started using a ruler and help him get familiar with inches.

Measure Length: Horse!

Build basic measurement skills help from Harry the Horse! Your child will practice using a ruler to measure length, a skill he'll use the rest of his life.

Measure Length: Giraffe!

How tall is this giraffe? Pick up a ruler and help your child measure Geoffry the Giraffe in inches. He'll even get a little intro to fractions.

Measure Length: Cat!

This fluffy feline is here to help your child master his measuring skills. Whip out the ruler and measure the different parts of this kitty.

Measure Length: Shark!

Help a little mathematician learn about measurements with this fun, shark infested math worksheet!

Measure Length: Bat!

This flying bat makes a fantastic math learning exercise! Pull out your ruler measure his wingspan, his ears and his body.

Measure Length: Narwhal!

Pull out that ruler and measure parts of this little narwhal. This activity will give your child practice using a ruler to measure length.

Measure Length: Squirrel!

How long is this little squirrel's tail? Pop out the ruler and measure this feisty furball before he runs away!

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