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Science Diagram Worksheets

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Freshwater Fish

40% of all known fish species call ponds, lakes, rivers, and other fresh water habitats home. Learn about freshwater fish in this worksheet.

Animal and Plant Cells

Budding biologists, here's a great cheat-sheet to help you memorize and compare the structures of both animal cells and plant cells.

Anatomy of a Bicycle

Bikes are a healthy, great way to get from one place to another! Use this bike chart to familiarize yourself with basic bike parts.

Parts of an Apple

Here is a fresh and fruity way to learn a bit of life science. Sit down with your little one and teach her all the different parts of an apple!

Cloud Chart

Ever lay on your back to watch the clouds? With this cloud chart you and your little scientist can identify the different types of cloud formations.

Volcano Diagram

Experience some explosive earth science! Use this diagram to teach your child about the various parts of an active volcano.

Energy Pyramid

An energy pyramid is a simple way to graphically show how energy flows in an ecological community; somewhat similar to the food pyramid.

Oil Well Diagram

With this diagram, kids can find out more about oil, one of our most widely-used natural resources, and learn a little more about where it comes from.

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