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Wildlife Fingerpuppets

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Pacific Northwest Animals

The Northwest Pacific of America is teeming with life, from people to plants to animals! Get ready for fun and learning with Pacific Northwest finger puppets.

Animals of Hawaii

Your budding ecologist will learn about Hawaiian creatures as she colors, cuts out, and plays with sea turtle, monk seal, stilt bird, and quail finger puppets.

Animal Finger Puppets: Everglades

Color in these critters that call the Everglades their home and learn more about life science in the process.

Rocky Mountain Animals Finger Puppets

Meet the residents of the Rocky Mountains with this set of finger puppets that features a cast of Rocky Mountain animals.

Grasslands Animals Finger puppets

Color, cut out, and play with these fun animal finger puppets as your nature lover learns more about prairie dogs, bison, and other animals of the grasslands.

American Desert Animal Finger Puppets

Watch your little zoologist color, cut out, and play with these delightful bobcat, roadrunner, and rattlesnake finger puppets.

Arctic Animals Finger Puppets

Meet the inhabitants of the arctic tundra with these delightful printable, which features a cast of caribou, arctic fox, arctic hare, and ermine finger puppets.

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