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Mailman Coloring Page

A coloring page of a mailman, part of our series of "people" pictures for preschoolers.

Firefighting Equipment

Help your child cut out the items that a fireman would need to do his job, and paste them over the items that don't belong.

Your Community Map

This four-page printable can be made into your community map with info and pop-up buildings.

Types of Communities

Learn more about all the different types of communities, from fans to family to friends, in this easy social studies worksheet.

Community Workers

Do you know your community workers? These people need help getting back to their vehicles, and it's up to your child to help them out!

Who Am I?

Match the worker to the things they do in this review sheet.

Community Helpers: Nurse

Help your child learn a little more about what a nurse does, then "spot" the difference in the uniforms of this friendly group of nurses.

Community Helpers: Police Officer

This silly worksheet will help young students learn what a police officer looks like, and how they keep us safe.

Eye Doctor

Help your child learn more about what an eye doctor does and how they help you see in this community helpers worksheet.

At the Doctor

Help familiarize your child with the doctor's office -- and maybe reduce the pre-doctor jitters -- with this friendly community helpers worksheet.

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