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begining sounds

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Words that Start with Y and Z

This exercise focuses on words that start with Y and Z! Color the pictures that start with the Y sound brown and the Z sound yellow.

Beginning Sounds: K and L

Test your child's phonics skills with this great coloring page, all about the letters K and L.

Beginning Sounds: H and J

More than just your typical coloring page, this fun sheet offers phonics practice, too.

Beginning Sounds: F and M

Kids learn about the beginning sounds in monkey and fox as they complete this fun coloring activity.

Beginning Sounds: P and R

Looking for a way to introduce your child to phonics? Try a fun coloring activity! This worksheet focuses on words that begin with P and R.

Beginning Sounds: V and W

Does walrus have the same beginning sound as weasel or vulture? Kids decide as they color all W words red and V words blue.

Beginning Sounds: B and D

Looking for a fun way to give your child some phonics practice? Teach her about the sounds of letters B and D with this neat coloring worksheet.

Beginning Sounds: N and Q

Kids learn all about beginning sounds as they color all Q pictures brown and N pictures red.

Beginning Sounds: G and C

Boost phonics skills with this fun worksheet. Kids decide whether words have the same beginning sound as goat or cat, then color the pictures to match.

Beginning Sounds: T and S

Make phonics fun with this great coloring activity, featuring words that begin with T and S.

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