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Paraphrase the Declaration of Independence

Unwind the complicated language of the Declaration of Independence with this paraphrasing activity!

Bill of Rights for Kids: Word Search

Take a fun approach to learning about the Bill of Rights! Find the words relating to the Bill of Rights in this word search exercise.

Pennsylvania Liberty Bell

The Pennsylvania Liberty Bell has been through a lot, but it was never owned by a famous fast-food chain...that's an urban legend!

Colors of the American Flag

Celebrate your patriotism this 4th of July with a fun-filled and fact-filled coloring sheet. Color in the flag, and learn about its history!

The Battle of Guilford Court House

While the Americans lost the Battle of Guilford Court House, the aftermath led to the American victory at Yorktown. Learn more with this history worksheet.

The Battle of Camden

The Battle of Camden was a low point for the American forces in the Revolutionary War. Discover the errors made at the battle in this worksheet.

The Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Trenton was a turning point for the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Your young historian will learn the facts with this worksheet.

The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

Early in the American Revolution, the Patriots captured Fort Ticonderoga. Your young historian will learn the importance of this fort in this worksheet.

The Siege of Yorktown

Your young historian can step back in time and read about an important battle that helped to end the American Revolution.

The Battles of Lexington and Concord

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the "shot heard around the world" and began the American Revolution.

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