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West HO!

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Sacagawea Trading Card

Meet one of the most well-known Native American women in our country's history--Sacagawea!

Lewis Trading Card

Get to know Meriwether Lewis, more widely known as one half of the Lewis and Clark duo! Read about his life before and after the expedition.

Clark Trading Card

Who were Lewis and Clark before they became a famous expedition team? Read a bit about Clark's life before and after the great journey west.

U.S. History: Westward Expansion

Test your student's knowledge of famous people in U.S. history with a quick quiz. He'll need to match up each notable person with his/her accomplishments.

The Wild West: Manifest Destiny

The American West would not be the same without the influence of Manifest Destiny. Learn about the history of U.S. geography with this Wild West worksheet.

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