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Practice Test: Easy Number Patterns

Help your first grader review past math concepts with this quiz that asks her to complete a series of number patterns.

Number Factory #2

This number factory is getting out of order, can your child help? He'll put random numbers back in the right order, and practice skip counting.

Number Sense Test

Business is booming at the Number Factory! Its time for your first grader to go to work putting numbers in order in all kinds of ways.

Skip Counting: Count by Tens!

Help your child count the piles of candy and learn to skip count by 10's.

Skip Counting by Fives

Practice skip counting with this worksheet focuses on fives.

Skip Counting: Count by Twos!

As your kid counts these groups of shoes by twos, she'll get a better handle on number sequence, too.

Complete the Patterns #1

What's the pattern in this sequence of different colored shapes? To finish this worksheet your child will need to fill in the last three shapes of each pattern.

Ordinal Numbers

First, second, third, or fourth? Find the ordinal number shown by the shaded picture.

Number Order

Encourage your kid to solve these number sequencing riddles by figuring out which number comes before and after.

Number Order: Least to Greatest

This number sequencing worksheet asks kids to arrange the numbers from least to greatest.

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