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Learn to read vowels.

Reading vowels in different positions.
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Chinese Character for Luck

Shed some "light" on the Chinese culture while brightening up your home. Teach your child the Chinese character for good luck with this lantern craft.

T Book

Time for some totally terrific T phonics practice! Which pictures start with the letter T? This worksheet will have your tot's phonics down to a T!

Roll a Word

Who knew you could play a game with dice that helps your 1st learn to read? Try this game that will have your child rolling his way to better reading skills.

Reading Roundup: Find the Long U Vowels

Help your second grader learn about long vowel sounds with this fun reading worksheet that asks him to round up all the words with long "u" sounds.

Silent "e" Worksheet

Silent "e" worksheets are important to phonics success. In this silent "e" worksheet, kids learn how to make silent "e" words out of long vowels sounds.

Short Vowel Sounds Rhyming

Anne the ant needs some help to make it across the pond. Can your child find the rhyming short vowels and give her a hand?

Get Ready for Reading: All About the Letter Y

Introduce your preschooler to the letter Y, with this fun worksheet that will have him writing and identifying all things "Y."

Get Ready for Reading: All About the Letter U

Here's a fun way to give your preschooler some early reading assistance with the letter U. He'll practice tracing and identifying all things "U"!

Learn Short Vowel Words

Practice recognizing those short vowel words with this balloon-filled worksheet. This activity boosts reading readiness, and it's lots of fun, too!

Missing Vowels: Farm Animals

These farm animals are missing their vowels. Can your child help them out and match up the right vowel with the right animal name?

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