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Seasonal Paper Dolls: Winter Girl

Walking in a winter wonderland! Get ready for a frosty winter, and create a season-appropriate wardrobe for your own paper doll girl.

Build a City: Ambulance

Every city needs an ambulance! Share a fun paper project with your child building and coloring a city of your very own with this series.

Parts of Clothes: Coat

Can you name the different parts of a coat? Enjoy a fun paper cut-out activity with your child, where she'll learn a few useful sight words.

What's Missing? 1

Each row on this prekindergarten worksheet has three matching pictures. But, wait! The first picture is missing something. Kids draw what's missing.

Match Up: Sailboats

Match up some brightly colored sailboats on this fun preschool matching worksheet.

Post Office Game

This fun preschool post office game will improve your child's sorting and categorizing skills, and it may also provide a few hoots and hollers.

In the Library

In this fun categorizing game, your preschooler decides what belongs in the library. Cut out the pictures and let him cover up the items that don't belong.

Scuba Diving Missing Object

Something's not right! This scuba diver must have left something in his boat. See if your child can choose the correct object to help him.

In the Classroom

Challenge your preschooler to locate all the items that don't belong in the classroom. Lions and monkeys in the classroom? Not in this world.

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