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2nd Grade Money

Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade
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Coin Op II

Looking for a worksheet that practices coin counting skills? This printable will get your kid's counting skills up to top dollar!

Making Change at the Toy Store

On this second grade math worksheet, kids solve money word problems about making change on a fun trip to the toy store.

Coin Patterns #2

Can your young learner figure out which coins are missing in this sequence? This challenging worksheet will help your child learn about money and patterns!

Writing Money Amounts #8

Your child will read values in words and then write money terms out in numbers in this money worksheet. She'll get practice using and recognizing numbers too.

Adding Dollars and Coins

How much does that jacket cost? Your child will add up coins and dollars on this worksheet to find out how much each item costs!

Writing Money Amounts #9

Help your child use and recognize numbers with this money worksheet. It's all about the decimal, making the difference between dollars and cents.

Adding Money Amounts

How much does that hamburger cost? Give your little spender a hand in counting up coins and dollars to equal an amount.

Coin Addition

Assist your little financier with adding coins. She'll add up coins in her head and tally the amount to figure out the price of the item shown.

Money Addition

Help your little one build money sense with this exercise about adding coins and dollars to pay for these items!

Writing Money Amounts #10

This money worksheet let's your child practice reading dollar values in words and then writing money terms out in numbers.

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