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2nd Grade Reading: Sight Words

Sight words for 2nd grade
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Compound Word Puzzle

Work on word-building with this fun activity that doubles as an English exercise.

Holiday Word Search

Your kid won't have to be coaxed into reading with this fun activity. Help him hunt down and circle words associated with Christmas.

Compound Word Puzzle 2

Wordsmiths will enjoy this word-building activity that focuses on suffixes. Challenge your child to find a common suffix between three words in this worksheet.

Mexico Word Search

How much does your child know about Mexico? Teach him a few new words and a little bit about Mexican culture with a word search!

Word Search: Transportation

Have your child complete the word search by finding the different types of transportation.

Easter Word Hunt

Don't just hunt for eggs this Easter, have your kid hunt for words! Practice spelling and vocabulary with this festive worksheet.

Word Search: Time to Eat!

Learning to spell is a breeze with this word search, which turns boring ol' spelling practice into a game.

Sight Word Search: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Learning sight words is a breeze with these fun word searches that turn spelling practice into a game.

Compound Word Game

This word-building worksheet gets your child to see the interesting connections between words. Explore suffixes in this wordplay worksheet.

Vocab Word Search: Down on the Farm

Learning vocab words is fun and easy when it's a game! This word search is a sneaky way to get in some spelling and vocabulary practice.

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