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2nd Grade Writing: Handwriting

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All About Adverbs: Describing Animal Actions

Can your child think of words to describe how a giraffe jumps or a horse trots? Teach her all about adverbs with help from this creative grammar worksheet.

Write a Paragraph: If I Were President

What if your child were President? Get his political mind pumping with a writing activity about what he would do as President of the United States.

Super Dad Coloring Page

Honor Dad this Father's Day by turning him into a veritable superhero! This printable is guaranteed to pack in the giggles (and writing practice, too).

All About Adverbs: Describing Actions #1

Can your child think of a few adverbs to describe the actions of the people in this worksheet? She'll gain a better understanding of adverbs as she works.

Noun Practice: School

Need to know nouns? Your child will have fun learning by filling in the nouns in this story about getting to school.

Noun Practice: Shopping

Person, place or thing? Help your second grader get familiar with an important part of sentences with this fun and colorful worksheet all about shopping!

Get into Grammar: Identify Adjectives

Can your second grader spot the adjectives in this slew of sentences, and write them in the blank spaces on the right?

Animal Nouns

Give your second grader a chance to learn about nouns a fun way! He'll finish a story by filling in the nouns, then hunt down five more.

Noun Practice: Finding a Kitten

Have your little storyteller help finish a story by adding in the missing nouns! She'll learn about an important part of every sentence, the subject.

My Christmas Wish List

Is your child ready to write her Christmas wish list? Give her some festive holiday stationery, perfect for sending off to Santa!

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