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Two-Digit Multiplication

Build your child's two-digit multiplication skills with this worksheet.

Word Problems with Multiplication

Your fourth grader will stay entertained on your next family road trip with this travel-themed multiplication worksheet!

Quick Trick: Multiply Three Numbers

This valuable worksheet teaches your fourth grader how to multiply three numbers, and gives him practice with the skill.

Mixed Word Problems

Your fourth grader will hardly realize she's learning as she completes some entertaining mixed word problems to help out with birthday party logistics.

Athletic Arithmetic: Multiplication Word Problems

Your fourth grader will learn to apply his understanding of multiplication to a variety of real life situations as he solves problems on this worksheet.

Wild Word Problems: Multiplication

This fourth grade multi-digit multiplication worksheet uses inspiration from the animal kingdom to create fascinating word problems.

Multiplication Word Problems: Money, Money, Money!

Solve the money-themed word problems using multiplication. Don't forget to check your answers using the answer sheet.

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying decimals is a bit trickier than multiplying normal numbers! Give your student some extra practice with this worksheet.

Dizzy Over Decimals: Multiplication #3

This math practice sheet is chock-full of decimal multiplication problems that are guaranteed to help your child get more comfortable with his schoolwork.

Dizzy Over Decimals: Multiplication #2

Here's a sheet that's sure to give your child all the practice he needs with decimal multiplication.

Multiplying Numbers with Decimals

If your child needs a little help with decimal multiplication, here's the worksheet for her.

Greater Than or Less Than? #2

Don't mix up your greater or less than signs! Give your student some great practice doing long multiplication with this math worksheet.

Classroom Math: Multiplication Word Problems

Your fourth grader will be challenged to complete five word problems using multiplication with two-digit numbers.

Merchandise Multiplication

These word problems will get your fourth grader multiplying using real-life scenarios!

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