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Place Value

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Reading Place Value: Ones and Tens

Help your child improve his math skills determining place value with this printable, which is all about the ones and the tens place. challenge is math skills.

Practice Place Value: Ten Thousands

Kids work with place value up to the ten thousands place on this handy worksheet.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than #1

Greater than or less than? It's up to your second grader to decide which sign would make each of these equations read correctly.

Practice Place Value: Fill in the Blank I

Ready for a little place value fun? In this math worksheet, your child will write out each number in words using place value notation.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than #2

Greater than or less than? Challenge your second grader to explore number comparisons with this cheerful worksheet!

Expanded Form: Double Digits

This expanded form worksheet gets your child to break down numbers by ones and tens. This expanded form worksheet is an easy introduction to place value.

Place Value Test

Get back on track with this place value test focusing on the tens and ones place.

Regrouping: Practice Place Value #1

This worksheet tests kids' understanding of place value by challenging them to regroup place values two different ways.

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