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2/13 Fraction Test Prep

Prep materials for the kids' fraction test
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Make Mixed Fractions 1!

Want to improve your 5th grader's math skills? Straightforward practice on a colorful printable keeps learning fun; converting improper fractions in a snap.

Make Mixed Fractions 2!

Is your fifth grader learning to convert improper fractions to mixed fractions? Colorful and straightforward this printable keeps math practice fun.

Practice Mixed & Improper Fractions 4

This colorful math printable keeps learning interesting for your 5th grader as she practices identifying and converting mixed fractions and improper fractions.

Make Mixed Fractions 3!

Help your fifth grader sharpen her math skills with this printable. A colorful design keeps learning fun as she converts improper fractions to mixed ones.

Make Mixed Fractions 4!

Keep learning interesting as your child converts improper fractions to mixed ones with a colorful worksheet and a simple example problem.

How to Subtract Fractions

This worksheet has a step-by-step guide to subtracting fractions with common and uncommon denominators.

How to Add Fractions

A helpful guide and practice questions for adding fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Improper Fractions

Learn all about improper fractions and how to convert them into mixed numbers.

Mixed and Improper Fractions

Learn how to convert mixed fractions to improper fractions in this worksheet.

Halloween Patterns

Are you up for a Halloween math challenge? Take a stab at these spooky math problems as you try to complete the number pattern.

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