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Write a Dear Author Letter

This third grade writing activity brings home the lesson: it's not only what you write that's important, but how you write it, too.

Write a Collaborative Story

This fun writing activity takes a regular task - writing a story - and transforms it into a collaborative writing experience for hilarious results!

Writing the Letter d

Spot, trace, and write the lowercase letter d on this worksheet with your kindergartener or preschooler!

What's a Zipper? A Writing Game

This reading comprehension activity teaches children reading in reverse: how would you teach an alien to use a zipper?

Uppercase Letters: W

This wonderful worksheet will help your willing young writer master his letter writing skills by giving him great fine motor practice.

V is for Vegetables! Practice Writing the Letter V

Lead your child to victory by helping her master her letter writing skills with this fun worksheet that teaches her all about the letter V.

U is for Up! Practice Writing the Letter U

This uplifting worksheet will build up your child's writing skills as she learns all about the letter U.

The Zoo Stories: Imagining Animals at Night

Here's a fun writing activity that will turn a Saturday trip to the local zoo into an all-out creativity bonanza.

Capital T

Capital T is ready for action. This worksheet will help your preschooler learn to write capital t, all within a cute teatime theme.

Fun With Reading

This game turns prediction, a major component of third grade reading, into a fun game.

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