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Sun Prints for Kids

Help your preschooler explore the effects of light and shadow, and make a pretty sun print at the same time!

Backyard Field Guide

Combine your child's natural curiosity with his developing classification and writing skills by helping him create a backyard field guide.

What's in the Bag? A Classification Game

This guessing game is a hoot. And it helps teach kids to categorize a set of objects-- a key skill for preschool.

Weather Memory Game

Help your child learn the weather and practice his memory skills with a simple but fun memory match game!

Sound Shakers

Create clear sound shakers so your preschooler can observe and compare the different sounds that objects make!

Sense of Smell Activity

Help your child get to know the least-appreciated of the five senses, the sense of smell, with a smelling station.

Play Duplication: Nature Memory

Duplication is a great outdoors game that helps your child's memory and teaches him all about his natural environment.

Play Animal Games: Zoo Friends and Who Am I?

Help your preschooler learn animal names and sounds with two fun games: Welcome to My Zoo, a pretend play game, and Who Am I?, a guessing game.

Plant an Indoor Sponge Garden

When the wind starts blowing, you and your child can plant a sponge garden in the comfort of your own kitchen. Here's how:

Hot or Cold?

Which objects are hot, and which ones are cold? Can your preschooler tell the difference?

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