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Fabric Activities

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DIY Headband

This activity will give your child a chance to practice threading a needle, and she'll end up with a fun and unique hair band!

Lace Corsage

Show your middle schooler how to sew unique feather and lace corsages for her friends. They are too cute to resist!

Felt Pendant

Coil your daughter's two favorite colors into a wearable pendant with just a few scraps of felt!

How to Make a Loom

Celebrate our nation's colonial history by making your very own weaving loom!

Hawaiian Kapa

Explore geometric shapes and pattern as your child makes her very own Hawaiian kapa cloth.

Design String-Wrapped Headbands

Your child can create a string wrapped headband to hold her hair back during the hot summer. Plus, it will re-purpose left over bits of string and thread!

Embroidery for Beginners

This made-for-kids embroidery project uses thick yarn, dull needles, and burlap fabric with wide holes so it's perfect for little fingers!

3-D Art Project

In this arts and crafts activity, you and your child will create colorful three-dimensional artwork using scrunched-up fabric pieces.

Flower Pin

Your child can create a trendy, retro felt flower pin that will remind her of the natural beauty of flowers in full bloom no matter what time of year it is!

Felt Pinwheels

All it takes is some colored felt fabric, a needle, thread, and a few beads and your daughter can make decorative felt pinwheels!

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