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Math Addition

Addition game using playing cards
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Count 'Em Up: Watermelon Addition

Looking for a cute addition worksheet to help your child learn her addition facts? With watermelons to help her count, this worksheet fits the bill.

Count by Twos

Kids count by twos on this first grade math worksheet. Skip counting by twos is one way children can demonstrate the meaning of addition.

Dice Addition

Your first grader will love this addition challenge! Roll dice and keep a running total as you try to achieve the highest score.

Seventeen: A Math-Builder Card Game

Try this card game to build math fact skills, like addition and subtraction, and have a great time, too!

Play Egg Carton Addition

Using just an egg carton and some beans or pennies, you can play this game with your first grader and see real gains in core math skills.

Addicted to Addition

Practice addition with your child in a whole new way when you battle to defend your cards in this competitive game. Math has never been so fun!

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