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1st grade
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Critter Classification: Amphibians

This cute worksheet prompts your first grader to find out what characteristics are shared by amphibians, and then circle the animals that fit that category.

Mammals for Kids

Does your first grader want to know more about mammals? This worksheet gives her a chance to do some research to decide which animals fit into that category.

Name the Parts of a Plant

Help your preschooler sharpen his knowledge about plants with this colorful worksheet. He'll use the word bank to name the basic parts of a plant.

Who Belongs in the Rainforest?

Which of these animals do not belong? Explore the plants and animals of the rainforest, and choose which ones are in their right habitat.

Who Belongs in the Desert?

Which of these animals does not belong? Explore the plants and animals of the desert, and choose which ones are in their right habitat.

Baby Animals Names

Use your knowledge of the animal kingdom to help these baby animals find their way home!

Critter Classification: Reptiles

Which of these animals are reptiles: turtle, cobra, or jellyfish? Your first grader will ponder this question and more, when it comes to this cute worksheet.

Color a Daffodil

Celebrate the coming of spring and with a daffodil coloring page, complete with a diagram so your little blossom can learn the parts of a flower as she colors!

Calla Lily Flowers

Spring is on the way with flowers trumpeting the return of sunshine. Explore this diagram of the calla lily and color it in too!

Oklahoma State Bird

Learn about Oklahoma's Scissor-Tailed flycatcher, who can be spotted by their unusually long tails.

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