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Preschool Math Addition

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How Many Are There? Presents

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring presents.

How Many Are There? Balloons

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring pictures of balloons.

How Many Are There? Furniture

A counting worksheet for preschoolers, featuring sofas, chairs, and cushions.

Three Blind Mice Addition

What if more blind mice were added to the three blind mice? Help your child practice her counting with this nursery rhyme intro to addition!

Chicken Addition

Don't be a chicken! Addition is easy to learn, even for preschoolers. Use the pictures of these cute chickens as a guide as you help your little learner.

Old Woman in a Shoe Addition

Could you imagine living in a shoe? Get silly with your little learner as you teach her some simple addition and counting.

Ring Around the Rosie Addition

Have a sing-along math session with this nursery rhyme addition page! Your preschooler can practice counting and colors as she learns about addition.

"An Apple a Day" Math

How many apples a day can keep the doctor away? Count up the apples to learn addition in this nursery rhyme math worksheet.

Jack Be Nimble Addition

Is your little learner as quick as Jack? Give her a great head start to learning basic addition with this fun nursery rhyme math lesson!

Mary Quite Contrary Addition

How does your garden grow? Challenge your preschooler with some nursery rhyme math, a fun way to introduce her to basic addition.

Domino Addition: Add the Dots

Your child gets counting and number writing practice in as he strengthens his additions skills.

Domino Addition!

Counting and number writing practice are all-in as your child works on her additions skills with this domino dots page!

Pat-a-Cake Math

Little bakers, help this chef decorate his cake with candles! This classic nursery rhyme is a great way to help your preschooler learn addition.

Hey Diddle Diddle Addition

Jump over the moon with a nursery rhyme math worksheet! Help your preschooler learn the basics of addition with this nursery rhyme.

Jack and Jill Addition

Follow Jack and Jill up the hill to count the pails of water! Preschoolers can learn the basics of addition just by counting up items to find a total.

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