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Preschool Math Counting

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Counting Animals: Crabs

This counting worksheet featuring a cast of crabs is sure to get kids excited about math.

Count to Ten: Get on Track

This worksheet helps your preschooler count to ten by asking her to figure out what number is missing from the train car.

Star Dot to Dot

One two three four, help your child count and draw a star with this number dot-to-dot!

Counting Animals: Cats

Preschoolers need lots of counting practice, and what better way to sneak it in than with a kitty cat coloring page?

Learn to Count the Number 8

To complete this exercise your child will need to count how many fish there are of each type, and then circle the groups that have 8 in them.

Squirmy Worms: Practicing Counting

This worksheet challenges your preschooler to count and compare groups of objects to help practice early math skills.

1, 2, Buckle Your Shoe!

Help your child practice counting from 1 to 10 with this worksheet. Your child will need to sing along with the rhyme on the page.

Birthday Time

It's not a birthday without a cake and a few sparkling candles! Help your preschooler think about how many candles were on his cake last year and this year.

Count and Color One Tractor

This tractor coloring page will get your child excited about the lumbering piece of machinery, and he'll get some counting practice in too!

Busy Bees Coloring Page

Uh oh, so many bees and only 1 flower! Color and count how many busy bees there are and they'll surely have fun sharing with one another.

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