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Preschool Math

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Duck Maze

Oh, no! The duck is lost, and he can only move along circles! Have your preschooler come to the rescue and help this cute duck quack back home.

Silly Shapes: Make an Alien!

Help your preschooler sort out the silly shapes included on this printable to design a kooky alien of her own, strengthening her math foundation.

Make a Mini Book: Learning Our Shapes

This little mini book is the perfect way to get your preschooler started learning simple shapes.

Finding Triangles in Traffic

Ask your child to find all the triangles in this worksheet on identifying shapes. He'll hone his skill of identifying shapes, a key part of basic geometry.

Match the Shapes

Oh, what a mix-up! With this worksheet, your child matches mixed-up shapes together.

What's the Buzz? Practicing Patterns

This worksheet helps your preschooler with patterns by challenging her to find the sequence in this bug parade.

Patterns and Colors: Music

Learning math and music often go hand in hand. They both rely on pattern recognition! Help your little one build basic math skills with this coloring activity.

Create Your Own Pattern

Kids color in the diamonds and triangles to create their own patterns on this prekindergarten math worksheet.

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