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Preschool Math

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Counting to 10: Help the Mama Duck

A duck wants to reach her ducklings! On this prekindergarten worksheet, kids practice counting to 10 and draw a line along that path to reach the ducklings.

Color by Number: Lion in the Jungle

Featuring a big adorable lion, this color by number has charm in spades...and it's great for number practice, too!

Count, Trace, and Color: Twelve

This worksheet is loaded with learning, plus a fun coloring activity too!

Count, Trace, and Color: Thirteen

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Connect the Dots: Elephant at the Circus

Dot-to-dots are great for helping preschoolers practice counting, and are just plain fun to boot.

Fishy Counting

Help your preschooler practice counting with this stripey printable, which has her counting stripes on fish as well as practicing directional language.

Count to 10: Go Bananas!

A monkey wants to reach the bananas! On this prekindergarten worksheet, kids count to 10 and draw a line along that path that to reach the bananas.

Color by Number: Outer Space

Featuring a cute alien, mysterious planets, and a zooming rocket, this color by number sheet is lots of fun.

Counting Busy Bears!

This preschool worksheet will help your child with her counting skills as she determines which bear has more and which has less!

The Number 5 and Jack-o'-Lanterns!

Perfect for Halloween, this festive coloring page is a fun way to teach your preschooler the number 5.

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