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Preschool Writing Color

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Trace St. Patrick's Day Numbers! 2

Give your child spelling, number recognition and writing practice this St. Patrick's Day that's fun! It's easy with this printable worksheet.

Brown Color

Learn about the brown color and practice fine motor skills along the way with this fun and interactive worksheet!

Finger Puppets: Practicing Fine Motor

This worksheet will bring out the puppeteer in your child. It requires scissors, tape, fine motor skills, and an eye for following directions.

Body Basics: Work Anatomy Vocab

This worksheet will help your child identify the different parts of the body by asking him to fill in the blanks on the diagram.

Stripey Fun with Folding Animals

Flex your child's folding skills with this printable cut-out, which teaches "accordion folding" for kids.

Writing Colors: Black

Break out the black crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids see black objects, trace and write "black," and color with black.

Writing Colors: Brown

Break out the brown crayons! On this prekindergarten writing and coloring worksheet, kids see brown objects, trace and write "brown," and color with brown.

What's Missing? 2

Each picture on this prekindergarten worksheet has a matching picture. But, wait! One picture in each pair is missing something. Kids draw what's missing.

Line Tracing: Doggie Directions

Get a worksheet that's all about tracing fun. To complete this worksheet preschooler child will need to trace the rounded lines on the page.

Tracing Shapes: Circles

Ooh, bubbles! Get your child acquainted with the various shapes with this tracing worksheet.

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