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Grid Basics: Help the Mayor

Oh no! The mayor finally finished building the city, but all the signs got mixed up! Can your child help him sort out the mess?

Math Table

Help your second grader learn how to read a math table by using this math farm table to answer a set of questions.

Favorite Cities Bar Graph

Can your second grader make her own bar chart? Use this pretend survey of 38 people and their favorite cities to find out!

Do a Survey! Favorite Veggies

Give your second grader some practice working with data with this fun-to-complete favorite veggie survey.

Make a Venn Diagram: Gift Boxes

Kids practice making a Venn diagram about kinds of gift wrap by sorting the gifts in their correct spaces in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

Graphing Survey Data

If your second grader is stumped by bar graphs, clear up the confusion with this worksheet that helps kids learn how to read and interpret a bar graph.

Winter Sports: Practice Reading a Bar Graph

Celebrate the winter Olympics with this 2nd grade math worksheet in which children practice reading, analyzing, and computing data in a bar graph.

Pictograph Practice: Hamburger Cafe

Pictographs are a great introduction to working with data and graphs. Kids help the hamburger cafe compare the number of hamburgers they sold using pictographs.

Grid Basics: Let's Build a Community

If your child has ever played Battleship, chances are he's familiar with grids. Can your child help build a new town by drawing buildings on the grid map?

Get into Graphs: Pie Graphs

Help your second grader learn how to interpret a pie graph with this worksheet all about kids and their pets.

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