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Algebra in Everyday Life: Let's Recycle

This fun worksheet presents algebra in everyday life. Help your fifth grader gain some valuable algebra practice through recycling.

Algebra Coloring Page #2

Math and coloring go hand in hand in this algebra practice sheet. Your student can practice solving for x with multiplication and division.

Algebra Coloring Page #4

Practice beginning algebra concepts with a colorful worksheet! Your child will solve for x in addition problems with decimals.

Solve for X

For beginning algebra students, take a break from boring textbook equations and get some practice solving for x with a colorful worksheet!

Algebra Coloring Page #7

Math practice doesn't have to be boring! Give your child a cute coloring pages with some algebra practice problems to solve.

Exponents Expressions

Don't let your kid be intimidated by exponents. Exponents are easy to learn with this simple step-by-step worksheet.

Writing Expressions with Variables: 2

Give your fifth-grader some practice multiplying and dividing with variables on this simple worksheet.

Shape Basics: Congruent Shapes

Kids build their shape knowledge by identifying congruent shapes.

Geometry Review: Angles and Polygons

Fifth graders review types of angles, triangles, and polygons in this handy geometry review.

Circle Parts

Help ingrain circle vocabulary in your fifth grader's mind with this second worksheet based on naming a circle's components.

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