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addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals
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Finding Percents: Chocolate Factory

Kids solve word problems about a chocolate factory for a lesson in calculating percent in this 5th grade math worksheet.

Money Math: Shopping and Shipping #1

Teach your kid about a not-so-fun fact of life: shipping fees, and improve his ability to multiply decimals, with this colorful worksheet.

Money Math: Calculate Commission #1

Encourage your fifth grader to practice multiplication and decimals skills to calculate each sales person's commission.

Number Puzzle: Four Fours

Try to create every number from 1 to 50 with the number four by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division... even exponents and decimals!

Show Me the Money! Six-Digit Subtraction with Decimals

Kids practice six-digit decimal subtraction with borrowing in this money-themed 5th grade math worksheet.

Money Math: Price Per Unit

Boost your fifth grader's money smarts with this worksheet that offers practice in a great real world skill: finding the price per unit.

Money Math: Practice Finding Totals

Can your fifth grader ring up the total prices? She'll use her multiplication muscles in the process!

Multiply Decimals and Color 2

What better way to practice math than with some festive coloring? Your child will practice multiplying two-digit decimal numbers as she colors.

Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying decimals is a bit trickier than multiplying normal numbers! Give your student some extra practice with this worksheet.

Writing Decimals in Expanded Form

This worksheet focuses on decimals and how to write them in expanded form using fractions.

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