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Fraction Multiplication Help

Get Fraction Multiplication help and reviews then put what you learn into practice with practice problems. Use to study algebra.

Multiplying Fractions with Fractions

This worksheet will help your child understand how to multiply fractions with fractions.

Native American Tribes: Lakota

Ride along with the Lakota tribe with this history worksheet. These Native Americans were part of the horse culture of the Dakotas.

Coordinate Grid: A Sea of Letters

Challenge your fourth grader to navigate through the sea of letters according to each coordinate to spell out a destination city's name.

Plot the Coordinates to Draw a Picture

Your fourth grader will learn about coordinates and get fine motor skill practice as she plots the coordinates, connects the dots, and draws a silly picture!

Least Common Multiple: Easy

With clear instructions and definitions included, this worksheet will give your child valuable practice finding the Least Common Multiple of two numbers.

Thanksgiving Fractions

This Thanksgiving fraction worksheet helps your kid work up an appetite. Try our Thanksgiving fraction worksheet and work through holiday-themed word problems.

Probability Grab Bag

Picking a random prize isn't just about luck, it involves math too! With this worksheet, your child will practice determining probability with the grab bag.

Probability: Days of the Week

Practice probability with the days of the week! Your child will learn to find the probability of picking a random day on the calendar.

Intro to Probability: Fruit

What can you learn from this bag o' fruit? Introduce your child to probability concepts with this worksheet.

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