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Why is the Sky Blue?

Is the sky's color just a mystery we will never know the answer to? Of course not! Find out exactly why the sky is blue in this fun and informative worksheet!

How is Glass Made?

Glass is everywhere, but have you ever wondered where it all came from? It doesn't grow anywhere -- we have to make it!

Why Does the Earth Spin?

Right now the Earth is spinning, whether we can feel it or not. Do you know why? Uncover the science behind our spinning planet with this informative worksheet.

Light and Reflection

Introduce your flashlight to mirrors. Mirrors are cool surfaces that reflect light just as well as they reflect your face.

How is a Rainbow Formed?

Rainbows look like swipes of brightly colored paint hanging in the sky. Have you ever wondered how they got there?

Direction of Light

Light travels so quickly that sometimes we can forget it even travels at all. Learn all about the direction light travels and perform your own experiment!

Light Through Objects

Grab your trusty flashlight and get ready for a scientific treasure hunt!

Fields of Scientific Study Vocab

This worksheet will quiz your child on the different fields of study in science. What's the difference between a zoologist and a geologist? Find out here!

Volcano Writing Scene

This volcano writing worksheet is a great brainstorm starter and provides a different approach to composition, perfect for research-based writing.

Monsoon Science

Learn about the science behind one of nature's most awesome spectacles: monsoons.

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