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50 States Quiz

Looking for a way to help your child study for his upcoming geography test? This printable 50 states quiz makes a great at-home study guide.

Time Zone Map

Print out this time zone map to help your child practice her USA Time Zones.

State Symbols

Does your fourth grader know his state's song? What about his state's fruit? Every state has a number of symbols that represent something special.

Topographic Map Matching

Practice recognizing topographic maps and contour lines with this worksheet.

Topography for Kids

Learn the basics of topographic maps with this worksheet.

United States Landmarks

Test your knowledge from sea to shining sea with this USA landmarks worksheet. Under our spacious skies stands some amazing places and things!

USA Time Zones

We have four different time zones here in America, but do you know how to use them? This worksheet will help your student learn about U.S. time zones.

Statehood Dates

Your fourth grader will color the states different colors, based on the time period that state became part of the United States.

History of the American Flag

How well do you know your country's flag? Now your child can learn about the history of the American flag with this great printable.

Read the Star Spangled Banner

Jump into the lyrics of the U.S. national anthem with a reading comprehension worksheet. Kids read the song, and then draw a picture to illustrate it.

Follow the Law: How a Bill Gets Passed

Help your fourth grader learn about the legislative process with this worksheet, which challenges him to follow the path of a law in the making.

Learn About Your State

Do you know your state? Challenge yourself with this worksheet, and try to answer the 13 trivia questions about your state.

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