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Teaching Leadership this King Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us that leadership is about working together. Here are some ways to teach leadership skills to your child.

Teaching the Responsibilities of Citizenship

Article discusses the importance of teaching about responsibilities of citizenship, how to improve learning and sources to obtain more information.

Four Life Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement

Honor the rich heritage of these four African-American leaders by transforming their words and deeds into personal life lessons for both you and your child.

Make King Day a Day "On"

Here are some ideas to turn Martin Luther King, Jr. Day into a day of service for your family.

Meet Martin Luther King: the Man and the Message

Take today to celebrate nonviolence, equality, service and justice with your child.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Coloring Page

This coloring page features Martin Luther King Jr., a national icon of civil rights and the fight for equality.

Civil Rights Word Find

How many words relating to the Civil Rights Movement can your kid find? This word search is great for boosting both language skills and historical knowledge.

Make a Team of Hand-in-Hand Protesters

Discuss the civil rights movement with your second grader as she cuts and decorates her own team of protesters with this hand-in-hand cut out project.

Civil Rights Crossword

Test your knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement with this crossword puzzle. Use the clues to help you fill in the grid.

Color a Mandala for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This Martin Luther King, Jr. coloring page will help preschoolers celebrate this American hero! Add color to the mandala featuring his image and famous words.

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