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All About the 1800s

Lots of important stuff happened in America the 1800s -- here's some of it.
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National Landmarks: The Alamo

Does your kid know in which state the Alamo, the site of a famous 1836 battle, is located? Test your kid's history and geography knowledge with this worksheet.

History Paper Dolls: Civil War Soldiers

Make learning history fun with these paper dolls, representing soldiers from the Civil War.

Lewis and Clark Coloring Page

Want to introduce important history in a fun way? Try this Lewis and Clark coloring page for your adventure-loving kid!

The Gold Rush Worksheet

Gold rush worksheets can be a fun way to approach history. This board game about the California Gold Rush is a thrilling race across the Wild West!

Civil War Hardtack

Have you ever taken a bag of snacks with you on a road trip? If you lived in the 19th century, you might have taken hardtack instead.

History in the Kitchen: Civil War Cornbread

Give your child a taste of life in Civil War era America by mixing up a batch of old-fashioned cornbread, adapted from a 19th century recipe.

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